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Founded by Creative Director, Marisa Carnesky in 2004, Carnesky Productions is a theatre company responsible for highly original large and small scale interactive performance works (Carnesky’s Ghost Train 2004-2014, Carnesky’s Incredible Bleeding Woman) and alternative stage school Carnesky’s Finishing School. Carnesky Productions is interested in the use of spectacle; fairground rides, magic illusions and grand ritual as a means of creating highly accessible provocative work, rooted in popular culture that promotes cultural and political discourses.

‘It is difficult to convey just how sexy, strange and fun it is to attend a Carnesky Production.’
– Professor Roberta Mock, The Times Educational Supplement

‘Carnesky’s Ghost Train is a marvellous mix of technical wizardry and sheer heart and soul. Its potential as a piece of on-going, ever-changing and developing theatre is enormous. For the same amount of money as a single West End theatre ticket you could ride the ghost train eight times – and feel as though you’ve experienced something different on each occasion.’
– Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

‘(Carnesky’s Tarot Drome at Latitude) was everything and more, a very special and creative show… I loved watching the audience engage and become spellbound.’
– Tania Harrison, Latitude Festival, Arts Curator

Carnesky Productions will soon be taking applications for the Carnesky’s Finishing School August 2016 at the Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club in East London. This is a 5 day course over 2 weekends under the maverick tutelage of Marisa Carnesky creating a space for people of all ages, experiences and backgrounds to explore short-form performance as means of personal artistic expression.

‘Working with Marisa and co has been an enlightening experience. I come from a fine art background having studied at Goldsmiths for my undergrad degree. The majority of my work there was performance based, and while my art school education provided me with regular critiques of my concepts and presentation, I was not able to have the type of hands-on practical support that Marisa provides. Her directorial input has been invaluable to the piece. I do not come from any specific tradition regards performance (dance,theatre etc) but marissa was able to bring out the best in me in terms of my vocal delivery timing and movement. She is like a box of magic tricks!’
Angel Rose, Co-Founder of ‘The Serious Fun Funzine’.

Present projects:

Carnesky’s Incredible Bleeding Woman, a new solo project from Marisa Carnesky currently in R&D with support from METAL Southend and NT Studios.

Showwomen is a project that Marisa Carnesky has been working on for 2 years as part of an AHRC she undertook at Sheffield University. It comprises of a series of interviews conducted by Carnesky with influential modern day Showwomen alongside a history of this figure in popular culture.

Carnesky’s Tarot Drome, offering a spectacular romp through your own live card reading, suitable for all ages and available to book now.