Performance, Collaboration, Photography: Actions of Exchange (panel guest)
February 2015, Tate Britain, London, UK
How do artists work together? What does performance enable artists to do and to say? Drawing on Manuel Vason’s new book Double Exposures, a collaboration with 40 of the most visually arresting artists in the UK, this event brings together three pairings to discuss ideas of collaboration and the bridging of performance and photography with Manuel Vason, Hugo Glendinning, Alastair MacLennan, Aine Phillips, Marisa Carnesky and The Famous Lauren Barri Holstein.

Marisa Carnesky: Being a Showwoman
The Lost Lectures
November 2013, The Union Chapel, London, UK
In her unique talk, Marisa reveals the secrets of The Ghost Train, shows how women can perform magic illusions (without being on the receiving end) and explains the many scrapes and pitfalls involved in being in a traveling show. Expect, thrills, laughs and more magic than you can squeeze into a giant doll’s house. Watch this talk on YouTube.

Memoirs of a Showwoman (guest speaker)
April 2010, Circus Fest, Roundhouse, London, UK
This CircusFest event explored the term ‘showwoman’, exploring its history and who are the famous showwomen of the circus and fairs.

Burlesque and the New Voyuerism
2005, The Theatre Museum, London, UK