• Soho Theatre, Soho Theatre, UK, Dec 2016–Jan 2017

Soho Theatre December 13th  2016  – January 7th 2017


Carnesky’s Incredible Bleeding Woman questions and reinvents the rites and cultural representations of menstruation. Featuring performed rituals from invited Menstruants H Plewis, Fancy Chance, Rhyannon Styles, MisSa Blue, Nao Nagai, Priya Mistry and Molly Beth Morossa.

What strange revelations will be uncovered about this last unmentionable taboo? Both irreverent and deeply serious, rigorous and chaotic, Dr Carnesky seeks to expose our inherited misogynist menstrual shame and release the untapped power of human cyclical renewal.


Marisa Carnesky's new performance is a menstrual blood-soaked wonder. It has psychic surgery, levitation, bodily bisection, spontaneous bleeding, baptisms on a beach, and other exciting acts of magic and myth - towards a future of menstrual anarchy!
Dominic Johnson, Queen Mary, University of London
I have NEVER seen anything like it ... and I am still telling friends and family the tales of lipstick, vaginas and menstrual jelly!
Stephanie Stevenson, Metal, Southend


Written and conceived by Marisa Carnesky

Menstrual rituals created and performed by:
Nao Nagai; Fancy Chance; MisSa Blue; H Plewis; Rhyannon Styles; Priya Mistry and Molly Beth Morossa

  • Dramaturg – Kira O’Reilly
  • Lighting Designer – Marty Langthorne
  • Project Manager – Natacha Poledica
  • Lighting and Technical Assistance – Nao Nagai
  • Costume Designer – Claire Ashley
  • Photographer – Sarah Ainslie
  • Film – Nao Nagai
  • Magic Consultant – Tom Cassani
  • Producer – Lara Clifton
  • Associate Producer – Dicky Eton

With help from:

  • Dr Jo Machon
  • Dr Camilla Power
  • Professor Chris Knight
  • Professor van den Akker
  • Amy Ridler

Supported by:

  • Arts Council England
  • The National Theatre Studios
  • Metal
  • Middlesex University
  • Duckie
  • Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club