• Crucible Theatre, Sheffield, UK, Apr 2010
  • Roundhouse, London, UK, Jan 2010
  • Chelsea Theatre, London, Oct–Nov 2010
  • The Lowry, Salford, UK, Apr 2010

Dystopian Wonders is a stage show in which Marisa as a morbid ‘Madame Tussauds’-esque showwoman guides you through her bizarre exhibition of curious nameless bodies that merge flesh with beautifully constructed wounds and organs made of wax, silk and embroidered felt. One has two heads. A naked lady levitates. A glamorous contortionist disappears into an open torso. Among the featured artistes was Marawa The Amazing, who gracefully climbed a ladder of sabres barefoot, recreating a turn made popular by the female French magician and crocodile-charmer, Koringa, in the 1930s.

The work explores the tradition of the showwoman in popular entertainment traditions and their spectacular use of abject and taboo bodily themes.


  • Marisa Carnesky – writer/director
  • Rasp Thorne – music director
  • Jeremy Goldstein – producer
  • Jon Marshall – illusionist
  • The Insect Circus – designers
  • Natacha Poledica – stage manager


Marawa the Amazing; Raphaelle Boitel; Empress Stah; Amber Topaz