Girl From Nowhere

Riverside Studios, London, UK, June 2003  


A multi-media theatre piece and magic show which explored women’s journeys from Eastern Europe to the West, told through filmed testimony, spectacular magic illusions, text, soundtrack and music.

The show draws on Jewish, Roma, Balkan, Polish and Russian folktales and stories of migration, moving through time and over borders to identify the similarities between migrant journeys from East to West.

Girl From Nowhere was made to explore themes for the large scale show Carnesky’s Ghost Train and was shown at City of Women in Slovenia, Anti Festival In Kupio, Finland, The Riverside Studios and the Arnolfini in England.

“A mixture of tat and exotica with illusion and magic, [it] offers the audience hard truths about centuries of dispossession and displacement.”

 Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

Collaborations from sound artist Dave Knight and illusionist Paul Kieve.

Girl From Nowhere was funded by the Arts Council England and commissioned by Fierce and Warwick Arts Centre in 2003.


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